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You ever wonder how things have gotten so out of control everywhere in our government? It’s a poisonous, cancerous process. The military refers to it as ‘mission creep.’ They being the second biggest beaurocracy within government have vast experience with it. Everything starts innocently enough. Much of it is not even within the purview of […]

Truth About Electric Cars

Here is an edited version of an article found in one of my fav newsletters, PJ Media For example, as the experts at point out, here are 10 facts about EVs the Left doesn’t want Americans to know: Fossil Fuel Driven 1. EVs are powered by fossil fuels. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), fossil fuel-based […]

A nasty little thing called truth

Truth is not relative, no matter what some may tell you. Truth is an absolute. Perhaps that’s why it’s so unpopular. The secular humanists treat everything as relative, almost like a religion. I understand even though I do not agree. That’s the best way to bend truth to fit your conclusion. That’s the new scientific […]