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Cocozelle Squash Is a Type Of Open Pollinated Zucchini

Once again with the pots

I planted my Cocozelle in a large pot. This was my garden adventure experiment for this year. What could I successfully grow in a flowerpot? We will see. They started out exceptionally! I was stoked. They started flowering soon. As I find typical of most squash plants, they first start with the female flowers. Soon enough though, male flowers with very mini squash at the stalk started forming. Adding to my excitement, there was no fungus or mildew. Looks like we have a winner here! Yeah!! Stoked we are!! I harvested several as soon as they reached eating size. Typical of all homegrown veggies, they tasted excellent! More were forming on the vine.

This inspired me

Open Pollinated Yellow Squash

I gave the crook neck yellow squash another go. These did much better than the earlier ones. They started making squash. We got to enjoy them! What a relief to know I hadn’t lost my green thumb. I planted them both in 18″ diameter pots.

Just when things were going well . . .

And then we get some high winds. And then my garden and my potted plants took a pounding. My yellow squash that was out by the raised bed got pounded big time. Even the squash which was against the back of the house got beaten up. I put them both back in place, but there must have been more extensive root system damage than I knew. They started dropping fruit. They shriveled up and turned brown. After such a great start, it left me with great disappointment.

Half is Underground

We rarely give it much thought, but half of our plants are underground, or in this case, underpot. The root system is like our autonomic nervous system. You give it little thought. It works on automatic. The heart beats, the lungs breathe, and so on. It’s the same thing with the plant kingdom. The half that is underground works invisibly and in the dark. I was trying my best to give the zucchini a second shot at life, but it was not to be. Another storm with gusty winds found my backyard and dealt a death blow to my squash. 

Lesson Learned . . .

Enough with squash in pots already! They are too big of plants for pots. It’s not worth it to try and find a bigger pot. It’s much easier to find a garden spot to grow them. I’m squashing the idea of squash in pots!!

This seedling sprouted in the ground. This shall work out better! My garden adventure with Cocozelle squash to be continued!!

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