Old And Bold

Retire In Dignity And Enjoy It

It can be done. I’m damn sure giving it a try. My first rule is no whiners allowed. The only wining that is acceptable is pouring a great chardonnay. I’m giving the dignity thing a good ole southern fried try. Be old and bold! You can retire in dignity. So far, so good.

Growing Old And Bold With Style

I’m here to tell you, that I know I can no longer be anything I want, but I sure can think anyway I want and I plan on doing it impressively!! Who shall I impress, you ask?? The only three who count . . . The Lord, The wife, and the ME. Old and bold with style is a mantra to happily live by.

May Grey Power Be With you

Join us in retiring with dignity, you’ll like it, I guarantee!

This is a dynamic and growing blog site. Perhaps you’ll like it. I have several associate bloggers. Their contributions can be found in various locations within the site. Be sure to click around so you don’t miss something you’ll enjoy. If you want to make a pithy comment to me or my contributors, be sure to address us directly in your missive.

They told me this page should be biographical.

I said nuts to that. This page would be more interesting if I told you more about how this site can help you. Who gives two hoots about me??

This blog is about getting old, being bold, and becoming a seasoned citizen, and entering the denouement of your life. It’s not only about getting older but getting bolder. Living out your life with zest and excitement.

Not doing that, you say? Want to? Let me help you out. Maybe you had to overcome adversity. Maybe you deal with health crises. The longer you live, the greater the likelihood. Read on. Maybe you have had to deal with and manage aging parents. Maybe you still are. Read on, you’re not alone.

Get off your dead butt and do something, dammit! 

You only get one shot at being old and bold! Every day can be the start of your do-over. It’s up to you. It ain’t easy, I know. Why just the other morning I thought I had died . . . When I woke up, nothing hurt. Some days my thumbs hurt so much from the arthritis that I can’t hold on to a glass of water. I didn’t let it stop me from writing a couple of books and building two websites from scratch. At the time, knew nothing about building them either. I lost interest in letting adversity stop me though, and here I am.

Need some more inspiration?

This guy isn’t old like we are, but you won’t find a greater inspirational story about overcoming adversity: His name is Jon Morrow. I have learned about blogging from him. His story goes like this: https://smartblogger.com/about/. It kills any complaining, doesn’t it??

What do I know, you say?

When I hit sixty-two, I faced a life-altering ailment that haunts me to this day. I almost died. The aftershocks still plague me. Some were big aftershocks, like atrial fibrillation and a stroke. Some were not so big, but still annoying, like macular degeneration. Believe me, compared to a stroke, it’s small potatoes. There was a time when I was first diagnosed with macular degeneration when I was taking steroids for a serious lung ailment. I have a type of macular degeneration called central cereus retinopathy. The steroids were making it worse. The retina doc said to decide between seeing or breathing. That was more serious. It worked out. Today I can still breathe, and I can still see. . . Some.

How about suffering from the aging parent syndrome?

Been there twice, my mom and dad and my wife’s. Not quite the same, you say? I have been in her family since we were children. We went through dementia with her mom. She visited almost every day. I went frequently. Her bro and sis, who live in the same town, not so much. She did get endless advice, though. We know how hard it wears on the caregivers.

This site is about living a full and delightful life.

No two of us will want to do it the same, and that’s okay. I’m no head doctor nor know much about what goes on inside the noggin I do know you can get a kick out of what you have. I am living proof. All you have to do is want to! Simple to say. Simple to do. It may have been Gandhi or some obscure Chinese sage who said ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’ Want to take that first step towards living a life that’s old and bold? That’s what this site is about.

Let’s take that first step and make it last a thousand miles. What do you say?

Click around. This site is disorganized around how my brain works. It may make sense to you or not. There is stuff of value. It could be a treasure hunt or intuitive. Maybe you have something you’d like to contribute that could be a help to others. Drop me a line. Share.

And get off my lawn!