Here’s My Opening Editorial

I have many old-fashioned values, among which is encouraging dissenting opinions and ideas. I’m somewhat conservative, some would say heartlessly right-winged. Nonetheless, I believe in Voltaire’s law about defending your right to your stupid opinion and defending your right to have and express it. I do draw the line at hate though, right or wrong. It is not a community value worth having. No Siege Heil here.

I do believe in meritocracy. You should rise to your level of greatness or mediocrity. We should look after those who can’t really take care of themselves; it is the responsibility of the community to lead the way in that effort. I believe less government is good. I believe responsibility should be taught, encouraged, and championed at home, in our schools, and in churches for all members of the community, young, adolescent, adult, and seniors. Those who do not want to go along with these values must not be tolerated. We have no room for them: one rotten apple and all that.

How to think, not what to think.

You’ll find freedom of expression here, for better or worse. I have found that hair-brained ideas whatever the leaning, right or left, tend to self-destruct with exposure. The majority is not always right. Themistocles almost failed to convince the Athenians to build up their fleet to defeat the Persians. The majority was in favor of building up their army, not their navy. If the majority had prevailed, the beginning of democracy may well have ended right then forever.

Most of our founding fathers were thoughtful. I feel that the ideals and ideas that they wrote about in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are not only worthy but are relevant today. They were not perfect nor were their ideas, but that does not invalidate them. I feel that splitting hairs and special interest interpretations dilute their valve and our way of life.

Some people are like clouds. Once they disappear, it’s a beautiful day.

I often find that my liberal friends are unable to have discussions about topical subjects without hanging up on me one way or another. They usually become too passionate or too distraught. I’d like to think it’s because of my brilliant logic! It’s unfortunate, whatever the reason. To me, it was just a discussion. This polarization of our neighbors often forces us that are right to keep silent for fear that we will have no friends other than other those of like mind! Changes the flavor of our lives to plain vanilla. That’s not only boring but I genuinely like many of them regardless of their terminal condition of liberalism! It also comes in so many flavors, social, political, moral, and ethical.

I believe in God. He has demonstrated Himself in so many ways to me over the years that there is no doubt. In fact, this is no longer an act of faith with me. It’s simply a fact. If you choose to argue with me about any of this, that’s OK. I’m armed and ready to do battle with you. My first line of defense is my lengthy marriage, my station in the community, my faith, my economic condition, and my mental health. That’s all my first line of defense. And how’re YOU doing? Let’s chat!