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This is where I ‘Stick It To The Man’ That’s an expression we used back when I was a teen in the 1960s. Anytime we were able to game the system or get away with shit, that’s what we called it. The establishment sucked and we wanted to stick it to the man.

Flash forward a half-century or so . . . When I learned to use WordPress I found one of the quirks was you had pages and posts. Posts were your blog articles. They appeared on the Blog Page and nowhere else. Everything else was a self-contained, separate website page.

Well, what happens if you need more than one post page? When I combined my two websites I found that an issue.

The blog page for was more current event-ish. The blog page for Old ‘N Bold was more personal experience-ish. They matched like pickles and prunes.

Is this the solution?

I pondered this for as long as it took (Days) and I came up with this solution;

I can’t call it a blog page, So I’ll call it my ‘Forum’ page and make it look like a blog page. Who’ll know, right? Guests only see the front end of

It will make the back end of my website messy. I’ll need to think about how to organize that mess before it becomes a mess.

I don’t want it to become unmanageable. I’ve suffered through that experience when I had two websites to juggle. Both of them suffered.

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