Energy And Me

Energy And Me

Energy is a funny thing. Nuclear has it by default and I don’t. I was such a hyperactive child that if I had been born 30 years later they would have pumped me full of Ritalin. Lucky for me, I was raised during a more rational time.

I was also an overactive adult. In fact, for the life of me, I don’t understand how my wife put up with me in our 20s thirties, and 40s. She’s a saint, no shit. Seems like I have always been part of the alphabet soup family of conditions, from ADD to AHDD, or something like that. Now, that I’m finally in the winter of my life, and a GOF, I have slowed down. It is taking some getting used to. My get-up-and-go did just that. I’m too tired to get up and hunt for it. This is taking some getting used to.

I Energetically Did My Homework Too

I did all the proper background work on this. They gave me blood tests for every imaginable vitamin, cholesterol, sugar level, and high blood pressure issue that can slow a GOF down. The doctors say I’m fine for a man of my advanced years. My answer to that is, “Yeah, but you didn’t know me before.” They pump me full of drugs with dire threats that I must take them or die!! Rather ominous, wouldn’t you say?? When my medical history contains events where I did almost die, it’s hard to doubt them. Yeah, I’ve heard from nature experts who swear on my life that a natural way is the best way to go. They want to play “You Bet Your Life” with mine. No, thank you!!

I Ate Naturally For More Energy

My wife has shopped at natural food stores since the 1960s. We were early adaptors. She saw to it that we lived on a more natural diet our whole lives. I have no idea what Rice-a-Roni or Hamburger Helper tastes like. Both our fans have still been hit with the shit life throws at us. And then there’s Willie Nelson, who smoked dope and drank whatever he could find. He also lived on bus and restaurant food and he’s 90! So totally unfair!! I could have been having more fun!! I wasted energy!!

Back To The Docs

Back to the docs, I tell them of course I seem like everybody else you see. You pump us all full of the same crap, you have no reference point except medicated people. Sadly, you think this energy level is normal. They merely shrug. Of all these drugs I take you would think at least one would be something I could cop a buzz from, but no. And so it goes . . .

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