Living in the era of decadence

When I was in school, we studied the rise and fall of the great Roman Empire. Yes, I have read Gibbons, but not in school, on my own. The Roman era fascinated me. I came away with the innocent impression that cultural decadence meant sexual perversion.

The Pax Americana

Now that I live in the final stages of the decadent Pax Americana, I have come to a greater and more frightening understanding of metastasized decadence. It permeates everything in our culture it rots everything it contacts. Our institutions, our spiritual fabric our law and laws, even our healthcare are affected.

The effects are many

One can get sweaty palms thinking about it. We can see how it affects the mental health of many. It’s not a pretty sight. People ride around alone in their cars with masks on.

I read a story today that claimed the price of billions of our tax dollars that were sent to the Ukraine was to codify permissible homosexuality into their law. I don’t know nor care if it’s true or not. I consider everything in print a lie or at best a rumor until I find reliable verification. It’s easy to say, hard to find. The end game of the story was the Ukraine legislature did that. I guess they got the money (Minus the cut for the Big Guy). After seeing vids of drag queens bumping and grinding in front of young children across libraries all across our fruited plain, it isn’t even a stretch to imagine some truth to that story.

Systemic Poisoning

Our decadence continually poisons our education system. We allow the miss-education system to damage the mental health of young ones by forcing masks on them, stifling their budding socialization skills. Now the CDC says it was a mistake and a bad idea . . . They are sorry. How can they un-ring that bell?

Ever wonder about the reasoning behind driving God out of our schools? I think it’s insidiously simple. God gives us hope. Drive out God and there’s no hope. It makes it much easier to steal kids minds when they have no hope. It’s like the adage, truth welcomes debate, lies shun being questioned.

We are now ruled, not governed

We used to be governed, now we are ruled. B Hussein Obama was the first President to openly say he ruled us. He said it within days if not on the day of his coronation in 2009. Today we have reached banana republic status by using government to persecute a former President. Can you tell me one way this is any good?

We have a judicial system that rewards criminals with get out of jail free cards, even for murder in some cases. We don’t even arrest rioters of the accepted persuasion. We do not detain non-citizens for crossing our borders. Laws which are not enforced are merely suggestions.

My heart bleeds for the hapless minions who descend upon our borders so unwittingly. They are victims of this same decadent system. They are brutalized by gangsters who are enabled by our border suggestions. These gangs make billions from the poor saps as well as poison our country with a plague of drugs and animus. Their gangster understudies hack people to death as an initiation right into the gang. The media covers (mostly) it up.

Treachery strikes us all

More and more is coming out about the treachery of our governmental health care system. From phony Covid numbers in multiple directions, from inaccurately recorded death counts to burying the data on deaths that could well be caused by the vaccines themselves, it appears we have a plague of lies as well as disease. Here’s a guy you probably never heard of, Steve Kirsch. He has been shit canned by every media source imaginable. You will hyperventilate if you read the work he has done on Covid and vaccines. Check out Steve Kirsch Home page ( I dare you!

Unwarranted Optimism

I’m given to wonder if there is anything that can successfully be done to stem the tide of cultural decadence or if it is representational of the natural end of life of a republic, just like we come to an end after three score and ten. I’m beginning to feel that being an optimist is a fool’s errand.