You Are Not My Enemy

You are not my enemy!

You are not my enemy. Nor are you my adversary. I do not want you to think like me, but I do want you to think. If your positions and your arguments are not well thought out and researched, how can you know that you are right in what you believe?

I have thought deeply about what I believe. I have also studied why I believe the things I do. I research the opposing point of view. How can I talk intelligently if I don’t know both sides of the story?

I do want you to develop your values for yourself. It’s important to me that you can also articulate those ideas. It does no good to have a discussion where we all agree. It’s almost like talking to yourself. I’m always willing to hear new ideas. Maybe my mind will be changed. I am not opposed to that, but I will challenge you, so you better come prepared. I know I will.

I am in favor of diversity, and I find diversity in thought to be delightful. If we all thought the same, mankind would have never gotten beyond ‘food is good, lions are bad.’ It’s our variety of ideas that make us unique in the animal kingdom.

I applaud your viewpoint. It doesn’t mean I agree with it. I will even defend it. It doesn’t mean I agree with it. I welcome you to it and I expect you to do the same for me. Where we have a conflict is when you don’t.


gerald jacobs

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