Progressivism is Disrupting our Social Order And A Threat to Western Civilization

There is a fifth column movement within our country. If you have been mis-educated in the last few generations, you may have to look that up. It’s like a sneak attack from within. A stab in the back from those you think you know and trust.

This movement transcends political lines and ideologies. It cloaks itself in righteousness and mercy. It is supported by useful idiots among us who are easily fooled by those taking advantage of their trusting naivety and basic honesty.

The history goes back about a hundred years, but the background to understanding it and us one must go back to the American Revolution. That’s where western civilization comes into bloom. The American Idea was every bit as much disruption to the civilization of that time as what threatens our way of life today.

Its roots reach into our education system. The lesson of Parochial education was not lost on these folks. Witnessing the influence that the church had on the minds of the young was a lesson learned by them. It was one of the first areas to fall under their influence. We’re talking about a war of attrition here. Long-term goals that span multi-generations certainly are not unheard of but frequently unrecognized because of short-sightedness. This is a common shortcoming that works in favor of a dedicated few on a mission who are satisfied with contributing their part in their lifetime for the advancement of their agenda.

Begin at the beginning. It helps to pick and define a beginning, even if it’s arbitrary. Many beginnings are. Mine starts with the era around the American Revolution. It could start with the Magna Carta, which goes back to 1215. It is the basis for our constitutional law. I see it also as an economic event. It was the first labor-management agreement in history. But other than reminding you of it for its importance as a free market historical reference, I won’t start there. I will start when free enterprise starts to bloom.  I want to start with the Seven Years’ War that took place between 1756 and 1763. It could really be called the First World War. Not quite up to what the history books teach, is it? It involved most of the big world powers of the time and affected Europe, North America, Central America, West Africa, India, and the Philippines. Pretty worldly, if you ask me. In our land (North America) it was known by us as the French and Indian War. We were one of the many theaters of war throughout the world. The French, Canadians, and Native Indians were on one side and we were on the other. They called it “La Guerre de la Conquête” or The War of Conquest.” It didn’t work out well for them. By winning, we gained more of the territory that was to become our country from the French. If they had won, and they very nearly did, I would be writing this in French. The outcome gave the ruling British government a “mandate” to rule as they saw fit. They continued to treat their “Cousin Jonathan” (us) as a stepchild to be taken advantage of. Communications then were abysmally slow compared to today. It took months for news to pass from ruler to ruled and back. Lots of stuff happens in the everyday lives of men in that period of time. Distance also erases the personal relationships between server and served. There wasn’t very much of that to begin with. Enter the greatest human failing, hubris.

This is where America becomes an idea. This is where the social order of the day becomes disrupted. The time and distance between us and Britain encouraged us to become self sufficient and independent minded. We had to be self reliant or perish. The old world had been there for millennia and had an interdependent structure even if they didn’t get along. We on the other hand were mostly out of sight out of mind except for confiscatory taxing powers of our resources and labor.

Europe and the rest of western civilization were dominated by feudalism and monarchies. That was the order of the day. It was inconceivable that we could or would think otherwise. In fact, most of the people in the Americas agreed. It was the minority of the citizens that insisted on a change in the world order. This brought about the concepts that men were free and had God-given, not kingly given rights. It was utter blasphemy to the thinking of the day of the powers that be.

The idea that started to bloom in the American Colonies started a wildfire that swept the world bring an end to many monarchies and colonialism. The concept that men could rule themselves showed up on the continent shortly after we succeeded in ridding ourselves of the British overseers.  The date was 1792 in France. It wasn’t long after shots were fired in Concord until they were storming the Bastille with cries of Liberty Fraternity and Equality. Our socially disruptive concept of self rule and free markets grew to dominance that withstood the test of time over the centuries until the early 1900s when a new change started decaying our social structure. There have always been a great many people that have hated and disagreed with free men, free markets, and self determination. Enter our adversary, progressivism.


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