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The easiest wat to start using WordPress!

When I started using WordPress, I found plenty of information on how to do it. In fact, I found so much information, it got in my way. I decided there must be a better way. That’s how this beginner’s Notebook came about. I added many screenshots to my explanations of how to do it. I do not mean this to be a comprehensive tell-all instruction book. It’s designed to help those who have been thwarted in their attempts to create a blog or got overwhelmed with the kitchen sink approach most sources give them.

When you get through with this Notebook, you’ll be ready to build a simple blog site you can be proud to call your own. You’ll also be able to make more sense of those more comprehensive sites. You will be more successfully able to grow your blog site into a useful project that will fit your needs. I didn’t write this intending to make you able to build a site that would rival Amazon. I wrote it for normal people who have become frustrated with starting a blog using WordPress. The goal here is to help the ‘do it yourselfer’ who wants a family blog site to share photos and stories with far-flung members of their family. Maybe you have a business and don’t want to pay for professional web creation until you need it, but want something now to represent your business. This Notebook is for you and worth it!

THE MONK The Latest Novel By Gerald Jacobs
Gerald Jacobs

The west coast of Florida was a storied land of ghost ships laden with Cuban rum lurking beyond the territorial limits waiting for blockade runners in their black boats to race the Coast Guard for hidden inlets on the coast to bring their illicit rum to the speakeasies and their customer’s unquenchable thirst.

Inject a Florida rancher into this world and wait for the fireworks. Monk and his gang known as the Cracker Mafia build a rep for producing the finest rum this side of Havana. They make enemies when they disrupt the existing bootleg supply chain, destroying the income and power of the crime lords up and down the west coast.


The Monk

The Shakedown (Monk Book 2)
Gerald Jacobs

“The Shakedown” is a short story I wrote as a preface to my recent novel, The Monk. The short story introduces you to many of the same characters that will appear in my novel, which is a continuation of the story world in which “The Shakedown” takes place. If you appreciate my writing style and storytelling prowess in this short story, you will certainly find The Monk to be entertaining fiction.



You Can Be A Networking Maniac
Gerald Jacobs

U Can Be a Networking Maniac is a self-help book shows a step by step path to successful relationship networking for sales and marketing people. It is written in the form of a novel with the lessons built into the storyline. The book abounds with trendy conversations and many strong personalities who create conflict and page-turning tension.

The heroine, Lee, is a young woman who flees a disastrous marriage, taking only her young daughter and the clothes on her back.

Although the protagonist, Lee, doesn’t always live happily ever after, her life improves enough to start realizing many of her dreams. She learns the value of giving back and so much more in her quest to become a networking maniac.