I Have A Beef With Amazon


I have a beef with Amazon. They have a publishing arm, KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing. They publish both digital and hard copies of books, only in paperback though, not hardback. You must go elsewhere for that. When I first learned they would publish my book with no upfront fees, I was over the moon with delight. Then I found out some authors are more equal than others.

I had been reading about getting published for a few months. It didn’t take that long because I’m a slow reader either. There is so much information, opinion, and malarky readily available that I took much of my time just separating truth from the chaff.

What I learned was there are tens of thousands of people publishing their books electronically every year. Amazon has spawned a new industry. It’s called indie publishing. I didn’t find that at all daunting. I have been in the real estate industry for decades. We have similar numbers in the Tampa Bay area, tens of thousands of Realtors all paying dues to the local boards to practice Realtoring. I also knew from keeping track of that stuff in the entire bay area each month we were closing less than ten thousand transactions. I always got more than my share. This would be no different. I would have to put my marketing hat back on and move forward. It wasn’t exactly my plan. But as my friend Jerry says, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” I would show some flexibility and do the marketing.

Now here’s my beef. I published my second book, ‘The Monk,’ right before Thanksgiving in 2020. You can see it on this website by clicking here. I started my fledgling but improving marketing campaign immediately. It includes Amazon. They generously give me an author page to do with as I please. I did. I also promoted my new book on my personal author website and my other marketing efforts. When I go to Amazon and search for my book, I find nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. Many books appear. None of them relate to my query. Even when I put my name in there, crickets. My name and the book title? I get zip. Try it yourself, you’ll see. It’s worse than going on a great blind date and find out later it was all one-sided. The disappointment turns into anger.

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