They are hiding these facts from you!

Truth about EVs Here is an edited version of an article found in one of my fav newsletters, PJ Media For example, as the experts at point out, here are 10 facts about EVs the Left doesn’t want Americans to know: 1. EVs are powered by fossil fuels. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), fossil […]

Contractor Special

Three contractors bid to fix a broken fence at the white house. One is from Chicago, the second is from Louisville, and the third is from New Orleans. They all go with a white house official to check out the fence. They take turns figuring the NOLA contractor takes out a tape measure and does […]

Electronic Evolution

I was born three years after the first atomic bomb was detonated in Japan. We had no TV, no on demand anything. To see a movie, you had to drive to a theater, roll down all your windows, put a speaker in your car, or park and go inside and take a seat. There were […]

The Rule of law

Why our ‘Rule of Law’ is so important to all of us. One of the things that separates our laws and nation from the bulk of the other countries around the world is our ‘Rule of Law.’ It is the greatest equalizer in our judicial system, but only when applied without bias. In 2022, it […]

I Grew Up In The Army

I am sometimes asked where I was born. It used to be a long drawn out explanation. No more. I tell all I was born in the Army. That’s true enough. I never lived in the exact place I was born. We were moving from one place to another when I came into being. I […]

A nasty little thing called truth

Truth is not relative, no matter what some may tell you. Truth is an absolute. Perhaps that’s why it’s so unpopular. The secular humanists treat everything as relative, almost like a religion. I understand even though I do not agree. That’s the best way to bend truth to fit your conclusion. That’s the new scientific […]

Living in the era of decadence

When I was in school, we studied the rise and fall of the great Roman Empire. Yes, I have read Gibbons, but not in school, on my own. The Roman era fascinated me. I came away with the innocent impression that cultural decadence meant sexual perversion. The Pax Americana Now that I live in the […]