Author, Speaker and a Web Article Writer

Following a colorful and diverse professional journey, Gerald Jacobs has chosen to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with fellow ambitious sales and marketing professionals, through books and short stories that feature fictional, relatable characters who learn valuable lessons along their own professional paths to success.

Accepting the responsibility of becoming an established writer of self-help books, novels, educational blogs and entertaining short stories, Gerald has embraced the art of writing with great tenacity, grins and grumbles, and he has taken the necessary steps to learn and hone the many skills required to become an effective communicator. “Writing has been the easiest part,” he confides, even though his background has consisted, primarily, of simple thank you notes and educational articles in professional periodicals.

His book, U Can Be a Networking Maniac is currently available on Amazon, and his next book, a novel called The Monk, will be hitting the presses in November 2020. You can read his latest short story, The Shakedown, on Amazon.




Meet the Author

Gerald Jacobs

After making the decision to retire after 30+ years as a real estate broker, Gerald embarked on a third career change to become a writer of books.

Gerald’s first professional venture occurred as he worked his way through college as a cabinet maker. He spent 15 years learning his craft, and became a master cabinet maker. However, after learning that old cabinet makers were unheard of due to brown lung from years of breathing saw dust, Gerald stepped out of the shop and into the showroom, selling kitchens to building contractors and leaving the dust behind.

As he honed his sales skills, Gerald eventually became a sales manager. The drastic ups and downs of the construction industry, however, made it less than ideal for a budget-minded family, prompting another profession change.

Gerald got a real estate license and put his sales skills to work to help people buy and sell real estate during the home construction meltdown during the late 1980s. Gerald managed to conquer the obstacles of the time and made a successful multi-decade career in real estate.

Now, in the winter of his life and with little more experience that a few thank you notes and a couple of years of local magazine articles under his belt, Gerald has learned the skills needed to be a writer of books, blogs and web articles, as well as a professional speaker.