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My Latest Book "U Can Be A Networking Maniac" Is now available!

I have written a self help book showing a step by step path to relationship networking for sales and marketing people. It's written in the form of a novel with the lessons built into the story line.
The book abounds with trendy conversation and strong characters who create conflict and page turning tension.
It goes into depth into how and why relationship networking works so well.
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More About My New Book

My book is now published! It's titled "U Can Be A Networking Maniac" and, no, it's not a computer book!

It's the story of a young woman who has gotten a job as a salesperson. She has no skills and has never held a sales job in her life. In fact, she has been a stay at home Mom and has never had any kind of job.

She is determined to reinvent herself and make her way in the world.

The book is a self-help book about building a successful sales career by learning relationship networking. I wrote it as a story about one person's rise from obscurity to prosperity.



Available Now!